Nano and Interfacial Catalysis Group Headed by Prof.Dr.Xinhe Bao

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  1. Hongbo Zhang, Xiulian Pan*, Xinhe Bao*
    Facile filling of metal particles in small carbon nanotubes for catalysis
    Journal of Energy Chemistry, 22(2013) 251-256
  1. Zhenping Qu*, Yibin Bu, Yuan Qin, Qiang Fu
    The improved reactivity of manganese catalysts by Ag in catalytic oxidation of toluene
    Applied Catalysis B-Environmental, 132-133(2013) 353-362
    DOI: 10.1016/j.apcatb.2012.12.008
  1. Kang Gao, Mingming Wei, Zhenping Qu*, Qiang Fu, Xinhe Bao
    Dynamic structural changes and CO oxidation catalysis of perovskite supported metal catalysts during cycled redox treatments
    CHINESE JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS, 34(2013) (5) 889-897
  1. Zhoujun Wang, Mingming Wei, Li Jin, Yaoxiao Ning, Liang Yu, Qiang Fu*, Xinhe Bao*
    Simultaneous N-intercalation and N-doping of epitaxial graphene on 6H-SiC(0001) through thermal reactions in ammonia
    Nano Research, 6(2013) (6) 399-408
  1. LI Xingyun, WANG Fagen, PAN Xiulian*, BAO Xinhe
    Rh/CeO2-SiC as a catalyst in partial oxidation of ethanol for hydrogen production
    CHINESE JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS, 34(2013) (1) 257-262
  1. Xingyun Li , Xiulian Pan*, Yonghua Zhou, Xinhe Bao*
    Modulation of the textures and chemical nature of C-SiC as the support of Pd for liquid phase hydrogenation
    CARBON, 57(2013) 34-41
  1. Hongbo Zhang, Xiulian Pan*, Xiuwen Han, Xiumei Liu, Xuefeng Wang,Wanling Shen, Xinhe Bao*
    Enhancing chemical reactions in a confined hydrophobic environment: an NMR study of benzene hydroxylation in carbon nanotubes
    Chemical Science, 4(2013) 1075-1078
  1. Shuqi Ma, Xiaoguang Guo, Lingxiao Zhao, Susannah Scott, Xinhe Bao*
    Recent progress in methane dehydroaromatization: From laboratory curiosities to promising technology
    Journal of Energy Chemistry, 22(2013) (1) 1-20
  1. Qiang Fu*, Fan Yang, Xinhe Bao*
    Interface-confined oxide nanostructures for catalytic oxidation reactions
    Accounts of Chemical Research, 46(2013) (8) 1692-1701
  1. Dehui Deng, Liang Yu, Xiaoqi Chen, Guoxiong Wang, Li Jin, Xiulian Pan*, Jiao Deng, Gongquan Sun, Xin
    Iron encapsulated within Pod-like carbon nanotubes for oxygen reduction reaction
  1. Xuefeng Wang , Xiuwen Han , Yining Huang , Junming Sun , Suochang Xu , and Xinhe Bao
    O-17 Solid-State NMR Study on the Size Dependence of Oxygen Activation over Silver Catalysts
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116(2012) (49) 25846-25851
  1. Zhenping Qu, Yibin Bu, Yuan Qin, Yi Wang, Qiang Fu
    The effects of alkali metal on structure of manganese oxide supported on SBA-15 for application in the toluene catalytic oxidation
    Chemical Engineering Journal, 209(2012) 163-169
  1. Zhao Lingxiao, Ma Linwei
    Study on Low-Carbon Development Approaches in China
    Journal of Engineering Studies, 4(2012) (3) 296-303
  1. Zheng Li, Shiyao Chang, Linwei Ma, Pei Liu, Lingxiao Zhao, QiangYao
    The development of low-carbon towns in China: concepts and practices
    Energy, 47(2012) 590-599
  1. Liang Yu, Wei-Xue Li, Xiulian Pan, and Xinhe Bao
    In- and Out-Dependent Interactions of Iron with Carbon Nanotubes
    JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 116(2012) (31) 16461-16466
  1. Xinhe Bao
    Fundamental research in catalysis with emphasis on confinement
    Science in China Series B-Chemistry, 42(2012) (4) 355-362
  1. Kai Yan, Di Wu, Hailin Peng, Li Jin, Qiang Fu, Xinhe Bao, Zhongfan Liu
    Modulation-Doped Growth of Mosaic Graphene with Single-Crystalline p-n Junctions for Efficient Photocurrent Generation
    Nature Communications, 3(2012) 1-7
  1. Bilge Yilmaz*, Ulrich Muller, Mathias Feyen, Haiyan Zhang, Feng-Shou Xiao, Trees De Baerdemaeker, Ba
    New Zeolite Al-COE-4: Reaching highly shape-selective catalytic performance through interlayer expansion
    Chemical Communications, 48(2012) 11549-11551
  1. Gang Yang, Lijun Zhou, Xianchun Liu, Xiuwen Han, Xinhe Bao
    Adsorption, reduction and storage of hydrogen within ZSM-5 zeolite exchanged with various ions: A comparative theoretical study
    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 161(2012) 168
  1. Yonghua Zhou, Xingyun Li, Xiulian Pan and Xinhe Bao
    A highly active and stable Pd-TiO2/CDC-SiC catalyst for hydrogenation of 4-carboxybenzaldehyde
    Journal of Materials Chemistry, 22(2012) 14155-14159

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