Nano and Interfacial Catalysis Group

Carbon-based Energy Nanomaterials

Prof. Xiulian Pan
Tel: +86 411 8437 9969
  • Formation of multi-branched isoparaffins from syngas via OXZEO concept Published in Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

  • Steering the Reaction Pathway of Syngas-to-Light Olefins with Coordination Unsaturated Sites of ZnGaOx Spinel published in Nature Communications

  • Direct synthesis of isoparaffin-rich gasoline from syngas published in ACS Energy Letters

  • Review on OXZEO catalyst concept for selective syngas conversion published in Chemical Reviews

  • Prof Pan was conferred the title of "Liaoning good man • most beautiful woman"

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a. 催化材料的可控制备;

b. 碳基小分子催化转化制高值化学品和燃料;

c. 催化构效关系及纳米限域原理的研究;

Research Interests
Controlled Synthesis of Nanomaterials, including zeolites, metal oxides, carbon and BN materials Carbon for Catalysis Selective Syngas Conversion via OX-ZEO Catalysts Activation and selective conversion of Methane Confinement Effects of Carbon Nanotubes in Catalysis
Steering the reaction pathway of syngas-to-light olefins with coordination unsaturated sites of ZnGaOx spinel Bifunctional zeolites-silver catalyst enabled tandem oxidation of formaldehyde at low temperatures Direct synthesis of isoparaffin-rich gasoline from syngas Operando XAS study of Pt doped CeO2 for non-oxidative conversion of methane Selective synthesis of para-xylene and light olefins from CO2/H2 in the presence of toluene
一种热等离子体耦合固体还原剂催化石灰石还原分解制熟料并联产CO的方法 一种热等离子体耦合气体还原剂催化石灰石还原分解制熟料并联产富含CO/H2的方法 一种热等离子体耦合金属催化反应器无氧催化转化甲烷制烯烃、芳烃和氢气的方法 一种无氧条件下催化甲烷制烯烃、芳烃和氢气的方法 一种制备低芳烃含量液体燃料的方法
Honor Awards
•NSFC Distinguished Young Scholars project(Carbon for catalysis) •The top 10 news stories of scientific and technological progress •National innovation Medal(the second executive) •Natural Science award of Liaoning province (the second executive) •Natural Science award of Liaoning province (the second executive)
Funding Sources
Exploratory Scientific Research Project of Yanchang Petroleum,2022-2022 Dalian Science and Technology Innovation Fund, Grant No. 2020JJ26GX028, 2020-2022 The Natural Science Foundation of Liaoning, Grant No. 2020-BS-019, 2020-2022 USTC Key Program of Carbon peak carbon neutralization, 2022-2026 CAS Youth Innovation Promotion Association, Grant No. 2019184, 2019-2022
Team Culture
【出站报告】基于OX-ZEO合成气转化过程的高活性ZnAl2O4制备及其作用机制研究(2021-6-10) 【出站报告】甲烷无氧直接制备烯烃/芳烃反应机理研究(2021-4-25) 【答辩】OX-ZEO催化合成气转化中分子筛的作用原理 【答辩】二氧化碳催化加氢制烃类化合物的研究 【答辩】低碳烷烃脱氢催化剂研制及其性能研究