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Prof. Bao received 5th Outstanding Contribution Award of CCS-SINOPEC
2016-05-19 17:20:13

The 5th Outstanding Contribution Award of Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) - China Petrochemical Corporation (SINOPEC) was announced on May 18th. Prof. Xinhe Bao is one of the recipients for his outstanding contributions in deepening the understanding of fundamental catalysis, exploring novel and highly efficient catalysts for energy-conversion reactions and transforming R&D results into industrial applications.


The award was co-sponsored by CCS and SINOPEC, to promote distinguished researchers who have made great contributions in chemical research and talent cultivation, which lead to the development of science and the growth of our national economy.
Prof. Xinhe Bao’s research group has long been devoted to exploring and developing novel nano-catalyst for clean and efficiency conversion of energy resources. The proposed concept of “Confinement Effect in Catalysis” that ranges from lattice confined single atom active center to one-dimensional CNT channels and two-dimensional metal oxide/metal interfaces, has been widely recognized by the community and triggered new trend in catalyst design. In recent years, based on this concept, the research team has developed a highly efficient catalyst for PROX reaction, a promising new catalyst that exhibits high activity in the direct conversion of methane under non-oxidative conditions, and a novel composite catalyst that combines the functions of reduced oxide and zeolite to convert directly synthesis gas to light olefins with high selectivity and activity. All these works aim for meeting with the urgent needs of our country and try to find new processes for the clean and highly efficient conversion of energy resources.

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