Nano and Interfacial Catalysis Group

Surface and Interfacial Catalysis

Prof. Qiang Fu
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  • Overturning CO2 hydrogenation selectivity with high activity via reaction-induced strong metal-support interaction

  • Researchers found the dynamic transformation of Cr oxide nanostructures on Au(111) through environment and interface effects

  • Researchers Discover Working and Failure mechanisms of Energy Storage Devices by Surface Science Methodology

  • Water-in-salt Ambipolar Redox Electrolyte Boosts High Pseudocapacitive Performance of Microsupercapacitors

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> 【答辩】锂离子电池模型石墨电极及界面结构的原位表界面研究(2023-05-05)2023-05-04 > 【答辩】氧化气氛诱导负载Ag纳米催化剂的动态演变研究(2023-05-05)2023-05-04 > 【答辩】界面限域氧化铬纳米结构的表面科学研究(2023-05-05)2023-05-04
Surface and Interface Electrochemistry Surface and Interface Catalysis Surface Chemistry Methodology

Direct Observation of Accelerating Hydrogen Spillover via Surface-Lattice-Confinement Effect

Surface Hydroxyl-determined Migration and Anchoring of Silver on Alumina in Oxidative Redispersion

Periodic arrays of metal nanoclusters on ultrathin Fe oxide films modulated by metal-oxide interaction

Oxide-Metal Interaction Probed by Scanning Tunneling Microscope Manipulation of Cr2O7 Clusters on Au(111)

Deciphering the Effects of Electrolyte Concentration on the Performance of Lithium Batteries by Correlative Surface Characterizations