Nano and Interfacial Catalysis Group

Surface and Interfacial Catalysis

Prof. Qiang Fu
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  • Overturning CO2 hydrogenation selectivity with high activity via reaction-induced strong metal-support interaction

  • Researchers found the dynamic transformation of Cr oxide nanostructures on Au(111) through environment and interface effects

  • Researchers Discover Working and Failure mechanisms of Energy Storage Devices by Surface Science Methodology

  • Water-in-salt Ambipolar Redox Electrolyte Boosts High Pseudocapacitive Performance of Microsupercapacitors

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> 【答辩】过渡金属氮化物模型催化剂的构建及其表面化学研究2022-11-17 > 【能源基础论坛】谱构效数据驱动的机器化学家探索(2022-10-10)2022-10-10 > 【答辩】铝离子电池表界面化学的原位在线研究(2022-5-10)2022-05-10
Surface and Interface Electrochemistry Surface and Interface Catalysis Surface Chemistry Methodology

Deciphering the Effects of Electrolyte Concentration on the Performance of Lithium Batteries by Correlative Surface Characterizations

Enhanced Reducibility of Well-defined Cr Oxide Nanostructures on Au(111) through Zn Doping

Selective Oxidation of Methane to CO on Ni in SMSI State via Reaction-induced Vapor Migration of Boron-containing Species

Visualizing Surface-enriched Li Storage with a Nanopore-array Model Battery

The Interplay between Hydroxyl Coverage and Reaction Selectivity of CO Conversion over the MnOHx/Pt Catalyst