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    Result: 30 theses.

    Heterogeneous Catalysis for CO2 Conversion to Chemicals and Fuels

    Dunfeng Gao, Wanjun Li, Hanyu Wang, Guoxiong Wang*, Rui Cai*

     Transactions of Tianjin University, accepted 


    Towards Understanding of CO2 Electroreduction to C2+ Products on Copper-based Catalyst

    Tianfu Liu, Jiaqi Sang, Hefei Li, Pengfei Wei, Yipeng Zang, Guoxiong Wang*

     Battery Energy, accepted 


    In situ reconstruction of defect-rich SnO2 through an analogous disproportionation process for CO2 electroreduction

    Yipeng Zang, Tianfu Liu, Hefei Li, Pengfei Wei, Yanpeng Song, Chunfeng Cheng, Dunfeng Gao, Yuefeng Song, Guoxiong Wang*, Xinhe Bao

     Chemical Engineering Journal, 446(2022)137444 


    Impact of Adsorption Configurations on Alcohol Dehydration over Alumina catalysts

    ​Rui Wang, Zhenchao Zhao*, Pan Gao, Kuizhi Chen, Zhehong Gan, Qiang Fu, Guangjin Hou*

     Journal of Physical Chemistry C,126(2022)(24)10073–10080 


    Low-Temperature Growth of Ultrathin and Epitaxial Mo2C nanosheets via Vapor-Liquid-Solid Process

    Bin Wang*, Changbao Zhao, Chao Wang, Rongtan Li, Guohui Zhang, Rentao Mu, Qiang Fu

     Nanoscale, 14(2022)9142-9149 


    Probing active species for CO hydrogenation over ZnCr2O4 catalysts

    ​Yunjian Ling, Yihua Ran, Weipeng Shao, Na Li, Feng Jiao, Xiulian Pan, Qiang Fu, Zhi Liu,Fan Yang*, Xinhe Bao

     Chinese Journal of Catalysis, 43(2022)2017–2025 


    Highly dispersed nickel species on iron-based perovskite for CO2 electrolysis in solid oxide electrolysis cell

    ​Yingjie Zhou, Tianfu Liu, Yuefeng Song, Houfu Lv, Qingxue Liu, Na Ta, Xiaomin Zhang*, Guoxiong Wang*

     Chinese Journal of Catalysis, 43 (2022)1710–1718 


    In situ Raman spectroscopy studies for electrochemical CO2 reduction over Cu catalysts

    ​Hefei Li, Pengfei Wei, Dunfeng Gao*,Guoxiong Wang*

     Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 34(2022)100589 


    Dynamic transformation between bilayer islands and dinuclear clusters of Cr oxide on Au(111) through environment and interface effects

    ​Zhiyu Yi, Le Lin, Yuan Chang, Xuda Luo, Junfeng Gao, Rentao Mu, Yanxiao Ning*, Qiang Fu*, Xinhe Bao*

     Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 119(2022)e2120716119 


    Steering the reaction pathway of syngas-to-light olefins with coordination unsaturated sites of ZnGaOx spinel

    Na Li, Yifeng Zhu, Feng Jiao, Xiulian Pan*, Qike Jiang, Jun Cai, Yifan Li, Wei Tong, Changqi Xu, Shengcheng Qu, Bing Bai, Dengyun Miao, Zhi Liu, Xinhe Bao*

     Nature Commnunication, 13(2022)2742 


    Bifunctional zeolites-silver catalyst enabled tandem oxidation of formaldehyde at low temperatures

    Na Li, Bin Huang, Xue Dong, Jinsong Luo, Yi Wang, Hui Wang, Dengyun Miao, Yang Pan, Feng Jiao*, Jianping Xiao*, Zhenping Qu*

     Nature Commnunication, 13(2022)2209 


    Dynamic chemical processes on ZnO surfaces tuned by physisorption under ambient conditions

    ​Yunjian Ling, Jie Luo, Yihua Ran, Yunjun Cao, Wugen Huang, Jun Cai, Zhi Liu, Wei-Xue Li*, Fan Yang*, Xinhe Bao

     Journal of Energy Chemistry, in press 


    Atomic overlayer of permeable microporous cuprous oxide on palladium promotes hydrogenation catalysis 

    ​Kunlong Liu, Lizhi Jiang, Wugen Huang, Guozhen Zhu, Yue-Jiao Zhang, Chaofa Xu, Ruixuan Qin, Pengxin Liu, Chengyi Hu, Jingjuan Wang, Jian-Feng Li, Fan Yang*, Gang Fu*, Nanfeng Zheng*

     Nature Communications,13(2022) 2597 


    Direct synthesis of isoparaffin-rich gasoline from syngas

    Jingyao Feng, Dengyun Miao*, Yilun Ding, Feng Jiao, Xiulian Pan*, Xinhe Bao

     ACS Energy Letters, 7(2022)1462-1468 


    Operando XAS study of Pt doped CeO2 for non-oxidative conversion of methane

    Daniel Eggart, Xin Huang, Anna Zimina, Jiuzhong Yang, Yang Pan, Xiulian Pan*, Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt*

     ACS Catalysis, 12(2022)3897-3908 


    Hydrogenated Molybdenum Oxide Overlayers Formed on Mo Nitride Nanosheets in Ambient Pressure CO2/H2 Gases

    ​Changbao Zhao, Chao Wang, Hui Xin, Hao Li, Rongtan Li, Bin Wang, Wei Wei, Yi Cui, Qiang Fu *

     ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 14(2022)(22)26194-26203 


    Modulating the Formation and Evolution of Surface Hydrogen Species on ZnO through Cr Addition

    ​Aiyi Dong, Le Lin, Rentao Mu*, Rongtan Li, Kun Li, Chao Wang, Yunjun Cao, Yunjian Ling, Yuxiang Chen, Fan Yang, Xiulian Pan, Qiang Fu*, Xinhe Bao*

     ACS Catalysis, 12(2022)6255−6264 


    Water-in-Salt Ambipolar Redox Electrolyte Extraordinarily Boosting High Pseudocapacitive Performance of Micro-supercapacitors

    ​Caixia Meng, Feng Zhou, Hanqing Liu, Yuanyuan Zhu, Qiang Fu*, Zhong-Shuai Wu*

     ACS Energy Letters, 7(2022)1706−1711 


    Overturning CO2 Hydrogenation Selectivity with High Activity via Reaction-Induced Strong Metal–Support Interactions

    ​Hui Xin, Le Lin, Rongtan Li, Dan Li, Tongyuan Song, Rentao Mu, Qiang Fu*, Xinhe Bao*

     Journal of the American Chemical Society, 144(2022)(11)4874–4882 


    CO2 hydrogenation to methanol promoted by Cu and metastable tetragonal CexZryOz interface

    Na Li, Weiwei Wang, Lixin Song, Hui Wang, Qiang Fu*, Zhenping Qu*

     Journal of Energy Chemistry, 68(2022)771-779 


    Dynamic structural evolution of iron catalysts involving competitive oxidation and carburization during CO2 hydrogenation

    ​Jie Zhu,Peng Wang,Xiaoben Zhang,Guanghui Zhang*,Rongtan Li,Wenhui Li,Thomas P. Senftle,Wei Liu,Jianyang Wang,Yanli Wang,Anfeng Zhang,Qiang Fu,Chunshan Song*,Xinwen Guo*

     Science Advances, 8(2022)eabm3629  


    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C Virtual Special Issue on “Energy and Catalysis in China” Published as part of The Journal of Physical

    ​Jianfeng Li, Jinlong Yang, Qiang Fu

     Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 126(2022)2301−2306 


    Dynamic Structural Changes of Iron Oxide Nanostructures On Cu(111)

    Qingfei Liu, Yangsheng Li, Xinfei Zhao, Bowen Zhu, Zhiyu Yi, Fan Yang*, Xinhe Bao

     Journal of Physical Chemistry C,126(2022) 2041−2048 


    Electrochemical synthesis of catalytic materials for energy catalysis

    Dunfeng Gao*, Hefei Li, Pengfei Wei, Yi Wang, Guoxiong Wang*, Xinhe Bao

     Chinese Journal of Catalysis, 43(2022)(4)1001-1016 


    Catalyst Design for Electrolytic CO2 Reduction toward Low-Carbon Fuels and Chemicals

    Yipeng Zang, Pengfei Wei, Hefei Li, Dunfeng Gao*, Guoxiong Wang*

     Electrochemical Energy Reviews, 2021, in press 


    Boosting CO2 Electroreduction via Construction of a Stable ZnS/ZnO Interface

    Yanpeng Song, Yi Wang, Jiaqi Shao, Ke Ye*, Qi Wang*, Guoxiong Wang*

     ACS applied materials & interfaces, in press 


    A Reconstructed Cu2P2O7 Catalyst for Selective CO2 Electroreduction to Multicarbon Products

    Jiaqi Sang,Pengfei Wei,Tianfu Liu,Houfu Lv, Xingming Ni, Dunfeng Gao, Jiangwei Zhang, Hefei Li, Yipeng Zang, Fan Yang, Zhi Liu, Guoxiong Wang*, Xinhe Bao

     Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2022,e202114238(1 of 7) 


    Interface-enhanced thermoelectric output power in CrN/SrTiO3-x heterostructure

    Xueying Wan, Xiaowei Lu, Lin Sun, Mingyu Chen, Na Ta, Wei Liu, Qi Chen, Liwei Chen, Jian He, Peng Jiang*, Xinhe Bao*

     Journal of Energy Chemistry, 64(2022)16-22 


    Electrolyte-dependent formation of solid electrolyte interphase and ion intercalation revealed by in situ surface characterizations

    Shiwen Li, Chao Wang, Caixia Meng, Yanxiao Ning, Guohui Zhang*, Qiang Fu*

     Journal of Energy Chemistry, 67(2022)718-726 


    Growth, Coalescence, and Etching of Two-Dimensional Overlayers on Metals Modulated by Near-Surface Ar Nanobubbles

    Wei Wei, Jiaqi Pan, Haiping Lin, Chanan Euaruksakul, Zhiyun Li, Rong Huang, Li Wang, Zhu-jun Wang*, Qiang Fu*, Yi Cui*

     Nano Research, 15(2022)(3)2706−2714