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2nd National Symposium on Surface Physical Chemistry held in DICP
2015-09-21 17:38:44

On September 18th-20th, the Second Chinese Surface Physical Chemistry Symposium organized by DICPwas held in the conference room of basic energy sciences building of DICP.The symposium is a bi-annual national conference, which invites leading scientists and young scholars at the frontiers of surface physical chemistry research. The symposium aims to display the recent research progress, concentrate future research directions, and promote the exchange of research ideas among Chinese colleagues in the field of surface physical chemistry. The current symposiumwas co-chaired by Professor Xinhe Bao, Professor Xueming Yang and Professor Kai Wu. The symposium arranged 26 invited talks and attracted over 80 attendees. The main topicsare: 1) surface/interface physical chemistry of two dimensional atomic crystals; 2) theoretical studies of surface physical chemistry; 3) fields (photon or electron) enhanced surface physical chemical processes; 4) soft material/solid interface or liquid/solid interface; 5) in-situ and dynamic characterization.On the morning of September 19th, Professor Xinhe Bao has also introduced the NSFC-CAS bi-lateral project on the strategic research of the development of surface/interface chemistry, and the NSFC major research plan on catalytic science of carbon-based energy conversion and utilization. This symposium presented adynamic academic environment and strengthened the exchanges and collaboration between domestic research groups in surface physical chemistry.




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