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2015-10-29 17:22:11


Supported by Natural Science Foundation of China (优秀青年基金)


Project Leader: Prof. Qiang Fu


Key Words: Heterogeneous catalysis,Interface catalysis,Surface chemistry,Nanocatalysis,Energy materials


Abstract: For heterogeneous catalysis, it still remains a challenge to understand a real reaction process at microscopic level due to the complexity of the catalytic reaction system. On the other hand, the surface chemistry studies carried out on well-defined model systems strongly deviate from the real reaction conditions, and the pressure and material gap is often a big problem. The present applicant has been concentrating on the field of the surface and interface catalysis in the past five years. An attempt to combine the model system research with the construction and catalytic performance of real catalysts has been made. The fundamental understanding of one specific reaction derived from the studies in the model catalyst at atomic and molecular level can be transferred to the rational synthesis of the corresponding supported nanocatalysts. Vice versa, the problem encountered in the real catalysts waits for answers from the surface studies in well-defined model catalysts. With this methodology, some interesting results have been obtained for interface catalysis at multicomponent catalytic systems and nanosize effects in thin-film catalysts. Around 35 peer-reviewed papers have been published in the top journals, such as Science, Nature Communications, Angewandte Chemie, and JACS. There are more than 365 citations from others in the past five years. Among all results, the present applicant developed an “inverse catalyst” system consisting of nanostructured oxide grown on metal surface, and a concept of interface confinement has been proposed in the system. Therein, coordinatively unsaturated (CUS) cations are stabilized at oxide/metal interfaces, which present high efficiency for low temperature catalytic oxidation reactions. The related catalysts, e.g. supported Pt-Fe catalyst, were successfully applied to remove a small amount of CO in H2, the feed gas of fuel cells. 100% conversion of CO has been achieved over the catalysts under the working condition of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, solving the problem of CO poisoning. Furthermore, a new deep ultraviolet (DUV) laser has been used as the excitation source for photoemission electron microscopy (PEEM). The applicant developed the first instrument of DUV-PEEM with the spatial resolution down to 5 nm. Using this instrument, in-situ and dynamic studies of the surface structures and reactions over nanostructured catalysts become feasible. On the basis of the interface confinement concept and with the aid of the newly developed advanced characterization techniques, such as DUV-PEEM, new catalytic systems are to be developed, in which the usage of noble metals can be further decreased or the noble metals can be replaced by the cheap metals.


Project No.: 21222305




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