Nano and Interfacial Catalysis Group

Interface Confined Pt-based bicomponent catalyst for the water-gas shift reaction
2016-01-28 17:23:29

Sopported by NSFC (青年基金)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Xiaoguang Guo


Key Words: Water-Gas shift; Interface confinement; Coordinative unsaturation; In-situ techniques


Abstract: The production of hydrogen with low temperature water-gas shift (LTWGS) is a great challenge for the rapid development of the proton-exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMPC). However, it should be an urgent demand to achieve the practical catalyst of LTWGS with high activity as well as high stability. This proposal aims at obtaining the interface confined Pt based bicomponent catalsyts with novel structure, and investigating the activity and catalytic mechanism in LTWGS. The nano-structure transition metal oxides confined on the surface of Pt will be obtained via advanced synthesis technology and redox pretreatment, and their physical chemistry property such as structure, morphology, chemical composition and so on will be characterized. On the basis of the novel catalysts, the catalytic mechanism and rate-determining steps in LTWGS will be explored by in-situ reaction characterization techniques, in-situ surface techniques, and DFT etc. This proposal will provide the reliable experimental basis and theoretical guidance for the practical application of the novel interface-confined Pt based bicomponent catalysts, enrich and develop the theoretical basis of LTWGS, and finally promote the practical development.


Project No: 21103181 (2012.1~2014.12)


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