Nano and Interfacial Catalysis Group

Strategic study on surface and interface chemistry
2016-01-28 17:52:08

Surface and interface play a critical role in many disciplines, such as energy chemistry, catalysis, electrochemistry, and soft materials. As a frontier in condensed matter and physical chemistry, some new features emerge with the development of the surface and interface chemistry, which includes a few important changes from macroscale to mesoscale and microscale, from single dimension to multi-dimension, from static state to dynamic state, from model systems to devices. In this project, we will organize experts from physics, chemistry, material science, and biology to discuss the future directions in this discipline. The systems will include solid surfaces, gas-solid interfaces, and liquid-solid interfaces, emphasizing the functional interfaces in applications of catalysis, electrochemistry, energy, and biomimetic systems as well as the interfaces in the microscale and nanoscale. The essential role of the surface and interface in energy process, environmental crisis, and human health will be illustrated. Furthermore, we will give some suggestions about the future development of this discipline and the most important directions which should be paid more attention.

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