Nano and Interfacial Catalysis Group

Nanocatalysis in efficient ultilization of carbon-based energy sources
2016-01-28 17:52:08

Supported by NSFC

Project leader: Prof. Xinhe Bao

Key words: nanocatalysis ;clean energy ;interface effect ;confinement effect;carbon resources

Introduction:The innovative concepts to design and prepare nanocatalyst have been well demonstrated by State Key Laboratory of Catalysis in Dalian Institute of Chemical and Physics. Here, we focus on the zero-dimensinoal nanoparticles, one-dimensional nanotubes/nanowires, and two-dimensional nanofilms. Based on the novel catalytic systems, the synergetic confinement effect, morphology-dependent nanocatalysis, and interface effects in multicomponent catalysts will be explored in depth for the highly efficient energy conversion processes, which include high-efficient conversion of syngas, catalytic conversion of light oxygenates and ultilization of methane. This project is aimed to extend those concepts to more valid nanocatalytic systems. In order to deepen the insight of these nanocatalysis mechanisms, the disciplines between the surface properties and catalytic performances will be deeply investigated on molecular/atom scale by combining theoretical calculation and dynamic characterization technique. It is expected that creative original methods for catalysts design and synthesis can be established and unique functional nanocatalytic systems with high efficiency can be developed. This will be of important scientific meaning and industrial value to the promotion of energy efficiency and to the invention of new energy conversion approach.

Project No : 213100015


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