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Surface and interface catalysis
2021-11-08 11:27:30

Project Leader: Prof. Qiang Fu

Supported by Natural Science Foundation of China(Distinguished Young Scholars)

Project Number: 21825203


Surface and interface catalysis plays a critical role in many energy and chemical engineering processes. The key issue is to understand catalytic mechanism at microscopic scale and modulate catalytic reactions. Facing to this challenge, the applicant has been engaged on this topics in recent years and the following achievements have been made: 1) Fundamental understanding of the interface effect in the oxide/metal inverse catalysts has been made and the interface confinement effect has been suggested to explain the effect of the metal surface on the stabilization of metastable and highly efficiently active sites. 2) Molecule intercalation and enhanced catalytic reactions have been observed underneath two-dimensional atomic crystal overlayers. The concept of "Catalysis under Cover" has been suggested. 3) Development of deep ultraviolet laser PEEM and near ambient pressure PEEM with the resolution down to 5 nm and operation at 1.2 mbar atmosphere. Since 2013, the applicant has published 62 SCI papers, among which the applicant is the corresponding author in 43 papers. In the past five years the SCI citation number by other people is 3122. The related results have been published in Science (1), Nat Nanotechnol (1), Chem Soc Rev (1), Acc Chem Res (1), PNAS (2), and JACS (1).

Key Words:

Surface and interface catalysis; Confined catalysis; Near ambient pressure surface techniques; Two-dimensional materials; Photoemission electron microscopy 


1.     Electrolyte-dependent formation of solid electrolyte interphase and ion intercalation revealed by in situ surface characterizations

        Shiwen Li, Chao Wang, Caixia Meng, Yanxiao Ning, Guohui Zhang*, Qiang Fu*

        Journal of Energy Chemistry, 67(2022)718-726

2.    Growth, Coalescence, and Etching of Two-Dimensional Overlayers on Metals Modulated by Near-Surface Ar Nanobubbles

       Wei Wei, Jiaqi Pan, Haiping Lin, Chanan Euaruksakul, Zhiyun Li, Rong Huang, Li Wang, Zhu-jun Wang*, Qiang Fu*, Yi Cui*

       Nano Research, 15(2022)(3)2706−2714

3.    Achieve flexible large-scale reactivity tuning by controlling phase, thickness and support of two-dimensional ZnO

       Le Lin, Zhenhua Zeng*, Qiang Fu*, Xinhe Bao

       Chemical Science, 12(2021)15284-15290

4.    In Situ Visualization of Atmosphere-dependent Relaxation and Failure in Energy Storage Electrodes

       Chao Wang, Caixia Meng, Shiwen Li, Guohui Zhang, Yanxiao Ning, Qiang Fu*

       Journal of the American Chemical Society, 143(2021)17843−17850

5.    Vapor−Liquid−Solid Growth of Thin and Epitaxial Transition Metal Nitride Nanosheets for Catalysis and Energy Conversion

       Changbao Zhao, Caixia Meng, Bin Wang, Chao Wang, Rongtan Li, Qiang Fu*

       ACS Applied Nano Materials, 4(2021)10735−10742

6.    Hexagonal Boron Nitride Meeting Metal: A New Opportunity and Territory in Heterogeneous Catalysis

      Jinhu Dong, Lijun Gao, Qiang Fu*

      The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 12(2021)9608-9619

7.    Dynamic Structural Evolution of Mn-Au Alloy and MnOx Nanostructures on Au(111) under Different Atmospheres

       Yijing Liu, Rankun Zhang, Yunjian Ling, Le Lin, Rentao Mu*, Qiang Fu*

       The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 125(2021)15335−15342

8.    Predominance of Subsurface and Bulk Oxygen Vacancies in Reduced Manganese Oxide

       Yifan Li, Le Lin, Lijun Gao, Rentao Mu,* Qiang Fu*, Xinhe Bao

       Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 125(2021)(14)7990–7998

9.    Oxidative Strong Metal−Support Interactions between Metals and Inert Boron Nitride

       Tongyuan Song, Jinhu Dong, Rongtan Li, Xiaoyan Xu, Matsumoto Hiroaki, Bing Yang, Rankun Zhang, Yunxing Bai, Hui Xin, Le Lin, Rentao Mu, Qiang Fu*, Xinhe Bao 

       Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 12(2021)4187−4194

10.  Design of Lewis pairs via interface engineering of oxide-metal composite catalyst for water activation

       Siqin Zhao, Le Lin, Wugen Huang, Rankun Zhang, Dongqing Wang, Rentao Mu*, Qiang Fu*, Xinhe Bao

       Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 12(2021)1443-1452

11.   In situ identification of the metallic state of Ag nanoclusters in oxidative dispersion

       Rongtan Li, Xiaoyan Xu, Beien Zhu, Xiao-Yan Li, Yanxiao Ning, Rentao Mu, Pengfei Du, Mengwei Li, Huike Wang, Jiajie Liang, Yongsheng Chen, Yi Gao*, Bing Yang*, Qiang Fu*, Xinhe Bao*

       Nature Communications, 12(2021)1406

12.  Activation of CO over ultrathin manganese oxide layers grown on Au(111)

       Yifan Li, Le Lin, Rentao Mu, Yijing Liu, Rankun Zhang, Chao Wang, Yanxiao Ning, Qiang Fu*, Xinhe Bao*

       ACS Catalysis, 11(2021)849-857

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