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Postgraduates in our group were awarded the Excellent College Student of the University of CAS
2018-07-28 18:24:08

Recently, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences published a list of Excellent College Students for 2017-2018. Many students in our group have been awarded the honour. Jiao Feng has won the honorary title of “Excellent Graduate”; Zheng Shuanghao has won the title of "Pacemaker to Merit Student"; Zhou Zhiwen has won the title of "Excellent Student Leader"; Meng Caixia, Gong Ke, Liu Zhengmao, Yan Mingtao, Meng Xiangyu, Hao Jianqi, Song Yuefeng, Jiang Xiaole, Yan Chengcheng, Xia Meihan, Feng Jingyao, Song Tongyuan, Ji Yi, Feng Yicheng and some other students have won the title of "Merit Student".

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