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Dr Jiao was Selected as a Member of Youth Innovation Promotion Association of CAS
2019-02-22 15:14:38

Recently, the Personnel Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the list of the Youth Innovation Promotion Association for the year of 2019. Dr. Feng Jiao was selected as one of the members.


Dr. Feng Jiao works in the area of syngas chemistry. During his PhD study under the guidance of a mentor, he developed a bifunctional catalysts, which separate CO activation on metal oxides and C-C coupling inside zeolites. Such catalysts achieve light olefins selectivity of 80% direct from syngas and break the limit of Anderson-Schulz-Flory distribution in traditional Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis process. Moreover, this new OX-ZEO (Oxide-Zeolite) concept can be used in direct conversion syngas or CO2 to other value-added products which provides a new platform, different from Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, for better utilizing syngas from coal, natural gas and other carbon resources.

Youth Innovation Promotion Association of CAS was founded in June 2011, which aim is to provide an opportunity for outstanding young talents of CAS under 35 years of age to enhance the innovative ability, research organizational capacity and communication skills, and then to cultivate a new generation of academic leaders who have high moral level and professional quality. There are 60 members of the Youth Innovation Promotion Association in DICP.

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