Nano and Interfacial Catalysis Group


Prof. Peng Jiang

  • High-performance Photothermoelectric Materials

  • Nanoscale Characterization

  • High-performance Thermoelectric Materials and Devices

  • Interface Charge Transfer and Electron-Phonon Coupling

  • High-performance GeSe-based Thermoelectric Materials

  • Interface Thermoelectrics

  • Applications

  • Applications

  • Applications


5 Interface-enhanced thermoelectric output power in CrN/SrTiO3-x heterostructure

4 Suppression of secondary phase in CrN matrix to boost the high-temperature thermoelectric performance

3 Achieving p-type conductivity in ZnO/Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 composites

2 Interface-enhanced superconductivity in multi-grain (FeSe)η(SrTiO3)1-η composites

1 Enhancing the thermoelectric performance of Cu-Ni alloys by introducing carbon nanotubes