Nano and Interfacial Catalysis Group

Surface and Interfacial Catalysis

Prof. Qiang Fu
+86 411 8437 9253
  • Overturning CO2 hydrogenation selectivity with high activity via reaction-induced strong metal-support interaction

  • Researchers found the dynamic transformation of Cr oxide nanostructures on Au(111) through environment and interface effects

  • Researchers Discover Working and Failure mechanisms of Energy Storage Devices by Surface Science Methodology

  • Water-in-salt Ambipolar Redox Electrolyte Boosts High Pseudocapacitive Performance of Microsupercapacitors

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> 【答辩】过渡金属氮化物模型催化剂的构建及其表面化学研究2022-11-17 > 【能源基础论坛】谱构效数据驱动的机器化学家探索(2022-10-10)2022-10-10 > 【答辩】铝离子电池表界面化学的原位在线研究(2022-5-10)2022-05-10
Surface and Interface Electrochemistry Surface and Interface Catalysis Surface Chemistry Methodology

Selective Oxidation of Methane to CO on Ni in SMSI State via Reaction-induced Vapor Migration of Boron-containing Species

Visualizing Surface-enriched Li Storage with a Nanopore-array Model Battery

The Interplay between Hydroxyl Coverage and Reaction Selectivity of CO Conversion over the MnOHx/Pt Catalyst

Stabilizing Oxide Nanolayer via Interface Confinement and Surface Hydroxylation

Low-Temperature Growth of Ultrathin and Epitaxial Mo2C nanosheets via Vapor-Liquid-Solid Process