Nano and Interfacial Catalysis Group

Prof. Qiang Fu

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP)
Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
457 Zhongshan Road,116023 Dalian P.R. China
Tel : +86 411 84379253
Fax : +86 411 8469 4447


Postdoctoral: Sept 2000- March 2005
MaxPlanckInstitute for Metal Research, Stuttgart, Germany
Postdoctoral: April 2005 –May 2006

        Fritz Haber Institute of the MaxPlanckSociety, Berlin, 14195, GermanyAssociate professor: June2006 – July 2008

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, the ChineseAcademy of Sciences, Dalian, 116023, China
Professor: August2008 – present
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, the ChineseAcademy of Sciences, Dalian, 116023, China
Group leader: March 2013 – present
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, the ChineseAcademy of Sciences, Dalian, 116023, China


B.S. Polymer Materials, Sept 1992-July 1996
Department of Chemistry
Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, P.R. China
Ph.D. Applied Chemistry, Sept 1996-July 2000
Research center of materials science
Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, P.R. China
Surface catalysis at quantum confined catalysts, including 2D quantum well films, oxide films, and graphene;
Interface catalysis at multi-component catalytic systems, e.g. bimetallic catalysts and oxide/metal catalysts;
Development of new characterization methods and techniques for in-situ and dynamic studies in surface reactions

1999: CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Award

2000: Max Planck Fellowship

2003: National excellent doctoral thesis nominee

2007: CAS “100 talents program”

2008: Excellent Young Scien tist Award from Shenyang Branch CAS

2010: Lin Liwu Young Scientist Award

2011: Liaoning Young Scientist Award  

2012: National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholar

2017: National Innovation Competition Award

2018: Distinguished Young Scholars, NSF of China

2019: The Liaoning Provincial Natural Science Award (the First Prize)

2020: The State Natural Science Award (the First Prize)



Editorial board member, Nano Research (2014-present)

Editorial board member, Acta Physico-ChimicaSinica (2015-2020)

Editorial board member, Chinese Journal of Catalysis (2020-present)

Senior editor, Applied Surface Science (2015-2020)

Senior editor, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2020-present)


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2. Periodic Arrays of Metal Nanoclusters on Ultrathin Fe-Oxide Films Modulated by Metal-Oxide Interactions. Luo, XD; Sun, XY; Yi, ZY; Lin, L; Ning, YX; Fu, Q; Bao, XH. JACS Au, 3(1):176-184, 2023

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