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Kick-off meeting of National Key R&D Program was held
2023-04-17 17:47:37

    The project of "Surface and interfacial catalytic study of metal oxide nanostructures and clusters" held kick-off meeting on the 17th April, 2023, which is sponsored by National Key R&D Program. More than ten well-known scholars were invited as consultants on the meeting, including Prof. Peijun Hu from ShanghaiTech University, Prof. Feng Deng from Innovation Academy for Precision Measurement Science and Technology and Prof. Weibin Fan from Institute of Coal Chemistry. Prof. Qiang Fu made a report on behalf of the project team. The consultants discussed the research plan and technical scheme comprehensively and gave crucial and important advices to the project team. (Text by Rentao Mu/Yang Wen , Picture by Yiding Xia)

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