Nano and Interfacial Catalysis Group

Surface and Interfacial Catalysis
2022-10-08 17:23:03

Surface/interface chemistry lies at the heart of many important subjects, such as energy chemistry, catalysis and electrochemistry. It is crucial to understand the surface and interface effects at the atomic and molecular scale, based on in-situ or operando characterizations. Guided by the concepts of dynamic chemistry and nano-confined catalysis, the group have conducted systematic studies in the following aspects.

1) Surface Chemistry Methodology- develop new surface science instruments and establish innovative platforms for near ambient pressure or ambient pressure surface characterizations of gas-liquid and liquid-solid interfaces.

2) Surface and Interface Catalysis- study the dynamic chemistry and nano-confined catalysis at the interfaces of oxide/metal, metal/oxide, and oxide/oxide based on in-situ surface and interface analysis.

3) Surface and Interface Electrochemistry- achieve operando visualization of surface/interface processes in electrochemical model devices, using surface and interface analytic techniques.

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